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Ozark Howler Links

The following is a list useful links about the Ozark Howler that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Of course, a good deal of work on the Ozark Howler still takes place in the world of snail-mail, as they say, so it will do you some good to look in the old fashioned world of newspapers as well. Drop me a line!

Of particular interest is the following quick review of evidence for the ozark howler.
Also worth your while is a quick review of the historical links between the ozark howler and Irish folklore

Another site claims that The Ozark Howler is not a cat at all!

Then there's the Howler Project, which indexes news articles related to the ozark howler.

Eastern Cougar or Ozark Howler? Researchers argue...
As for me, I leave the debatin' to the professionals. I'm just a tracker, and I know what my eyes have seen.
Requesting Information on the Howler
Looks like I'm not the only one hunting this quarry...
Lisa Leigh's Ozark Howler Research Archives
Be sure to place a description of your link for your viewers here!
A Blurb on the Ozark Howler
Calling an animal from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas an URBAN legend. That's a new one.
The Ozark Howler Gets Mixed Up With Religion and All!
Takes all kinds, I guess...
Is the Ozark Howler for real?
First they admit that the Ozark Howler exists, and then they say that it's not worth researching! Go figure!
Short Ozark Howler Description
Interesting photograph of the Ozark Howler - note the slump in the back, very cat-like!

Paranormal A-to-Z
Another regrettably short description linking the Ozark Howler to other rare cats.
Ozark Howler Sighting
Quick posting of a sighting, this one with a photograph which has been widely distributed as proof of the Ozark Howler's existence.
The Ozark Howler
Discussion of the history of ozark howler legends

An Illustration of the Ozark Howler based on traditional Ozark Howler legends

Good Luck, and keep on the trail!